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【Wine World No.5】Is wine getting younger? What are wine merchants doing to attract young people?

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

By 2021, more and more young post-90s-00s drink consumers are coming into the public eye, and the market for drink brands targeting this demographic is starting to rise. In addition to a wide range of flavours, cool packaging, low calorie and low/no alcohol are also key words that young people are looking for and choosing today. For example, Hard Seltzer Hard Soda, the most popular low-sugar, low-calorie and low-alcohol drink in Europe and the United States, as well as a wide range of brightly coloured pre-mixed drinks, have all become popular among young people in recent years.

# Wine rejuvenation

In fact, wine is actually more popular with younger drink consumers. According to a research report by Roland Berger, wine accounts for 13% of alcohol consumption among Chinese consumers under 30 years old compared to only about 10% for pre-drinks.

Although beer and spirits still dominate in China, the potential for wine remains very high. When income levels and quality of life rise, it means that the future of wine is promising.

But attracting young consumers is a problem that many wineries and producers are struggling with. Traditional wine marketing techniques are outdated and boring, and branding concepts are geared more towards the gift, banquet and business markets. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of young consumers, brands should start with more product flavours and innovative packaging to lead the development of a new wine industry.

The post-90s and post-00s are living in an era of rapid economic growth in China, where they are well fed and clothed and have more energy to chase and taste novelties. Young consumers are more likely to pay for products that are personalised, original and trendy.

So what wines with unique flavours, full of personality, novelty and fashionable elements that meet the needs of young consumers can be found on the RawPortal source delivery platform? Let Yuan Yuan Zi take you on a journey to find out today!

# A wine label in the form of a comic strip - Bent Creek Eating Light Knight Shiraz

The wine label is always the most important and visual "face" of a product. Most of the time it determines whether the consumer will be attracted to the product, be interested in it and eventually buy it.

The traditional wine label is usually square and regular, which is not wrong but loses its uniqueness and becomes very uninteresting. Young wine drinkers who refuse to see the same thing feel that it is time to say goodbye to this past!

The Bent Creek Lunch-A-Lot Syrah has a distinctive label design, originally given to owner Sam Rugari by his wife to commemorate his 70th birthday by incorporating his hospitable nickname of 'Sir Lunch-A-Lot' into his portrait.

Sam was so pleased with the painting that he wanted to make it available to as many people as possible, so he decided to design a label specifically for his family's grape wine, and named it after it. The combination of Sam and his wife has resulted in Knight of Food and Light winning Best Label Design at the 2017 Cairns Competition, as well as a Gold Medal at the 2018 G100 Super Wine Competition for its outstanding quality.

# A new trend in alcohol-free ingredients - Jeca Estate Sparkling Shiraz

How many young people can resist the charm of a fruity, sweet and tasty wine with a nice colour and a vibrant "bubble"?

As summer draws nearer, cool and refreshing drinks are back on everyone's radar without exception. Whether it's for a party, a cozy drink at home or a romantic drink for two, JELKA Sparkling Shiraz is always there to meet the needs of young people.

According to many surveys on alcohol consumption in both Australia and China, young people nowadays tend to have a healthier attitude towards life and prefer low-alcohol or even non-alcoholic drinks. This alcohol-free bubble is also made from Shiraz, one of Australia's finest winemaking varieties, which retains the characteristic fruit flavours of cherry and ripe plum in Shiraz wines, and the burden of alcohol free allows more non-drinking, or inconvenient drinking buddies to enjoy the delicious taste of Shiraz grape juice.

Looking ahead to the future of China's wine industry, "the one who wins the hearts of young people will win the world", and the RawPortal source delivery platform will continue to explore and meet the needs of young drinkers!

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