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"RawPortal" expresses very precisely the main purpose of our company-one-way transmission from the source. By directly exporting Australian products to China and directly selling the products to distributors closest to consumers, minimize the circulation of products and reduce the sales price.

Pouring Red Wine

Our Background


Due to cultural diversity between China and Australia, China's traditional import distribution model cannot satisfy Australian wine brands' requirements for wine history and culture dissemination. To assist Australian wineries in improving brand awareness in the Chinese market, as well as responding to the impact of COVID-19 on the international market, founders of RawPortal - Jerome and Will, proposed to cooperate with Australian wineries and salespeople in China to develop a direct sourcing digital platform for Australian wine. Their goals are to improve the transparency of the wine exports to China, help Australian wine brands obtain more immediate feedback from Chinese customers, and provide Chinese clients with more economical prices to get the triple win. In March 2020, the first line of code to establish the digital platform was born in their garage. And three months later, RawPortal platform was tested and officially launched in the mid-July after moving into RawPortal’s office.

Our Platform

14 JULY 2020

On July 14, 2020, the first transaction on RawPortal platform was completed. We have built a sales team on the ground in China with existing networks of buyers. They use the digital technology platform to manage the sales process and provide next-day delivery to their clients in China. Importantly, they can control pricing and branding. All users have access to real-time data on sales and receive market feedback or message directly with the Chinese sales team through the platform. RawPortal platform can be used in addition to any existing distributor relationship as it will be targeting a different channel - direct to consumer.

Our Mission

Now - Future

Currently, RawPortal has cooperated with 13 wineries in Australia. We are onboarding more premium Australian wine brands to the platform and expect to grow the sales team to achieve the mutual growth of partners and consumers. In 2021, RawPortal will continue to ensure quality service and products, provide smarter technology, more transparent information and more competitive prices, and be a good medium for disseminating Australian wine culture to China. We will continue efforts to become a larger Australia-Asia direct selling digital platform that provides more product categories.

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