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"RawPortal" expresses very precisely the main purpose of our company-one-way transmission from the source. 

Image by Scott Warman

Due to the cultural differences between the Australian and Asian markets, the traditional import distribution model cannot meet the needs of Australian brands to promote in the Asian market. To assist Australian manufacturers in increasing their brand awareness in the Asian market and coping with the impact of COVID-19 on the international market, RawPortal propose a new trading model, the establishment of a company to contact Australian production companies and import and export transport companies and product distributors in Asian countries. Directly export excellent products from Australia to end retailers in the Asian market. By reducing the expenses and costs incurred in the circulation of products, it directly reduces the selling prices of Australian products in the Asian market.

Currently, RawPortal has cooperated with wineries, distilleries and farms in Australia. We are producing high-quality Australian products and through further expansion of the sales team, to achieve the common growth of partners and consumers. RawPortal will continue to guarantee high-quality services and products, provide smarter technology, more transparent information, and more competitive prices, and become a good medium for spreading Australian culture to the Asian market. We will continue to strive to become a larger Australia-Asia exporter, offering more product categories.

Image by Bastian Riccardi
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