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【Wine World No.2】What are the wine kings of the world's countries like?

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Many wine lovers ask RawPortal what is a "wine king"? What is the most famous wine from each country?

As a "king" - a wine that is rare and unique in quantity.

Then it has to taste great, be of top quality and have a famous brand. Secondly, it must have a long history.

Finally, it must be sought after by wine lovers.

This last point is perhaps the most direct reason why a wine has become a "king". Although there is no official certification, they have long been recognised by wine lovers as the "kings" of their countries.

France: Patrus and Romanée-Conti

Bordeaux and Burgundy are two of the most famous regions in France and the world, and each has its own 'king' of the world. In Bordeaux, Lafite lost out and the crown went to Patrus. With an average annual production of less than 30,000 bottles, less than 1/6th of Lafite's, Patrus is a wine house that takes quality very seriously, using only the best wines and even stopping production in some bad vintages, such as 1991, which shows its commitment to quality.

The king of Burgundy is La Romanee Conti, which has even been described as the 'king of kings' and the 'king of the world's wines'. Romanee Conti wines are so expensive that they have been described as the wine of billionaires. The vintages of Romanee-Conti have been rated above 90 points by Robert Parker, with the 2005 vintage scoring 99-100 points. Today, Romanee-Conti wines are rarely found on the market.

Italy: Sisigia

With its precious blue cap, its round blue background with eight golden pins, its distinctive Mediterranean artistry and a superb name, it is Sisigia, the king of Tuscany's wine kings and the Italian Romanee-Conti. In the 1930s, Marquis Mario introduced the Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety from Château Lafite, and after more than 20 years of experimentation, it finally became a hit in the 1960s. 1968 saw the official launch of the wine by Marquis Mario's nephew and wine magnate, Marquis Peter Antinori, who won numerous awards in various competitions. Today, Sisigia is not only the king of Super Tuscany, it is also considered the "king" of contemporary Italian wines.

Germany: Egon Muller

Egon Muller is Germany's finest Riesling, the king of the highest TBAs. With an annual production of between 200-300 bottles and a price tag of over €2,000 per bottle, all in 375ml bottles, i.e. only half the normal 750ml bottle, it is the most expensive sweet wine in the world.

Spain: Bega Cecilia

The "King" of Spanish wine comes from the Bega Cecilia winery, one of the most highly regarded wines in the world. Over the last century or so it has become the most famous and expensive wine in Spain. The winery produces a top quality wine called Unico, which is produced in quantities of around 60,000 bottles a year and is sold on a quota basis only to companies or individuals who are on a customer list of around 3,000 people.

USA: Opus One

Opus One, a wine of a different kind, is far less expensive than garage wines that can cost tens of thousands of yuan, but this does not prevent it from becoming the "king" of American wines.

The two people who made this wine are also big names in the wine world. One is Robert Mondavi, the American wine king who brought world acclaim to American wines represented by Napa Valley and set the standard for the New World, and the other is the legendary Baron Philippe de Rothschild, owner of Mouton Rothschild, the most influential French wine magnate. These two men joined forces in 1979 to create the world's first "Opus 1", a blend of the best of the Old and New Worlds, which has been in demand ever since.

Australia: Penfolds Grange

After World War II, Penfolds young winemaker Mas Schubert originally decided to go to Europe to learn how to make sherry. However, a trip to Bordeaux changed his perspective on fine wines. On his return home, Schubert began to study the making of red wines that could be cellared as long as Bordeaux. Finally, in the 1950s, the famous Grange range was created, and in the 1960s, Grange finally proved the cellaring potential of Australian wines and became the new benchmark in the market with its unique style. Rich and full-bodied, yet stunningly balanced, Grange is one of the world's leading dry reds, having received high praise from the world-renowned critic Robert Parker. It is undisputedly Australia's 'King of Wines'.

Chile: The Living Soul

After the unprecedented success of the 'Opus 1' created by Baron Philippe and Mondavi, the Baron was determined to reproduce the same masterpiece again, hence the Living Soul. It is well known that Mouton Rothschild invites famous painters, including Picasso, to paint its label every year. The name of the new "King" was also a matter of debate, but the Baron decided to name it after the character "Count of Almaviva" from the famous French comedian Beaumarchais' "The Marriage of Figaro". Almaviva, the play made famous by Mozart's adaptation of it as an opera, and after the ancient Chilean totem symbolising the universe and heaven. Likewise, to endorse the quality of this wine, the two kings of wine have signed their names on the label.

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