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【Wine World No.3】What else can oak barrels do besides making wine?

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Oak barrels have been used as storage containers for wine for a long time, dating back to ancient times. Nowadays, they can be used in many different ways through clever adaptations.

# Made into a coffee table

The transformation of an oak barrel into a coffee table is a very common piece of furniture. It is very functional and not only decorates the winery's tasting room but also makes an eye-catching addition to your living room.

# Bedside tables

The oak barrel is also a great idea for a bedside table. A glass of red wine before bedtime is a great way to nurture the body and fall asleep with the aroma of the barrel.

# Storage shelves and centre island

Many wine lovers recycle oak barrels and turn them into a storage cabinet and a dining room island so that their precious glasses and wines have a place to stay.

# Ice buckets

There are also many wine lovers who have transformed their wine barrels into ice buckets, of course always with a waterproof coating.

# Shelving

The oak barrel's will make a particularly beautiful storage shelf when hung on the bathroom wall. Arrange toiletries, toilet paper and bath towels and the bathroom is instantly tidy.

# Bonfire stands

Is there something missing from your patio? A campfire and an oak barrel will add to your patio's scenery. Would you like to gather around a campfire as a family or with a couple of friends and have a chat? Don't worry about not having time to go camping for long distances, with an oak campfire it's both beautiful and environmentally friendly. And with an oak barrel you can put some burning equipment in it.

# Sofa and seating

The oak barrels transformed into sofas and chairs are also very beautiful. A great choice for both indoors and outdoors.

# Dog kennels and litter trays

For those with pets, oak barrels can be transformed into dog kennels and litter trays to give your pet a place to rest. They can also be transformed into tableware for your pet.

# Other interesting conversions

The conversion into a table and bar has been one of the more common tables and bars.

There are also large oak barrels that can be transformed into a bath or converted into a nook of their own.

It can also be transformed into a table. The rounded element is just right for a dial. Bars and some hotels can even combine oak barrels with dartboards.

So it seems that there is a lot to be done with oak barrels? Do you have any ideas for barrel conversions? Come and share them with us!

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