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【Wine World No.1】What is it like to spend the night in oak barrels?

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

The world is a big place, [SourceShare] has been with you for 3 months now and is loved by wine lovers from all walks of life. RawPortal SourceTransmission will be opening a new section [Wine World], where Yuanzi will share with you all those interesting things about wine and the world.

Gosh darn it, a hotel in the Netherlands is offering a new service for guests to sleep in giant wine barrels that hold between 15,000 and 23,000 litres of wine. Sounds exciting! How can you sleep in an oak barrel? Let's find out what it's like to sleep in an oak barrel of wine.

Oak barrel hotels?

What can oak barrels be used for? Make wine to give it a distinctive flavour, chop it up for firewood, hold wine ...... or sleep in it?

A hotel in the Netherlands has come up with a fancy idea where wine lovers can ditch their standard room and opt to sleep in a giant wine barrel from £162 per night (that's from about RMB 1,423).

Netizens say: first time I've seen a wine themed hotel so spot on!

Netizens say: simply shocked to see oak barrels! But it's actually empty inside ...... recommends filling it with wine to feel what it's like to soak in it overnight.

Located in Stavoren, one of the country's oldest towns, the hotel offers guests eight large oak wine barrels that used to hold between 15,000 and 23,000 litres of wine.

The oak barrels once filled with fine wine are now beautiful residences - they are comfortable rooms with double beds, bathrooms with en-suite bathrooms, in some cases including a small living room with TV, some even with private showers, saunas and whirlpool baths.

Of course, waiting for a bottle of wine in the room can also bring pleasure to guests, and the hotel's on-site restaurant offers a wide range of drinks and food.

This hotel is not the only one to offer a wine theme. In the Mexican town of Tequila, one hotel offers themed accommodation for holidaymakers to sleep in giant wine barrels which were previously filled with tequila. Convenient for those interested in tasting spirits, as the hotel is located close to a tequila distillery.

When the epidemic is over, why not experience a wonderful night out in the barrels for you and your wine, and wonder if sleeping in the barrels will become more flavourful afterwards?

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